Cox Toyota Oil Filter and Oil Change Service in Burlington, NC

Cox Toyota Oil Filter and Oil Change Service in Burlington, NC
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Don’t make the mistake of bringing your Toyota to any old fix-it shop when it needs an oil filter change. At a certified Toyota service center, your vehicle will be taken care of by expert technicians who have specialty training in all things Toyota. Visit Cox Toyota for Toyota service in Burlington, North Carolina.

Genuine Toyota Oil Filter Burlington NC

Oil allows all of an engine’s parts to work together efficiently. Oil filters help to remove contaminants from the oil, keep the engine clean, and prevent gunk and grime from building up inside.


When your Toyota needs an oil filter change, the pros at Cox Toyota are equipped with genuine Toyota oil filters to get the job done right. These Toyota-certified filters are designed specifically for your vehicle, unlike non-Toyota filters that could potentially clog and damage the engine.

Toyota filters use a precision base plate with a locking O-ring to fit securely in place. They also feature an Anti-Drainback valve, which prevents oil from draining into the oil pan when the engine is off.


If your vehicle needs a Toyota oil change or an oil filter change, schedule a service appointment today.

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Genuine Toyota Oil Filter Burlington NC