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Lifetime Brake Replacement

Cox Toyota Burlington NC

As a Toyota owner, the best way to get the most out of your vehicle on the roadways near Greensboro, Burlington, and Durham, NC, is to provide regular service. One area that will need service attention now and then is your brakes. Here at Cox Toyota, we offer lifetime brake replacement, making it easy to ensure your braking system is in pristine condition.

Why are Brakes So Important?

So, why are your brakes so important? They are the component within your car that allows you to regulate your speed as you drive. By pressing your brake pedal, you can slow and stop your Toyota as you respond to the flow of traffic, stop signs, red lights, and other variables and conditions out on the roads. As such, your braking system is vital to your safety behind the ten and two.

How Brakes Work

Your braking system is quite essential, as outlined above. You may be wondering how exactly your braking system works, however.

As you press your brake pedal, it sends pressure through your brake lines. Once the brake pressure reaches the brake calipers, it will compress your brake pads. When compressed, the brake pads contact the brake rotors, creating the friction needed within your wheels to slow and ultimately stop the vehicle.

So while braking seems simple, there is a complex process at work.

The Details of Brake Replacement: Is it Time to Use My Lifetime Brake Replacement?

When it comes to brake replacement, it is usually the pads or the rotors that need to be replaced. These are the two components within your braking system that endure the heaviest wear and tear. As a result, they need the most frequent service attention.

Ultimately, your car will exhibit similar symptoms, whether it is your pads, rotors, or another braking component that needs to be serviced. Some of these symptoms are listed below:

  • Shaking or vibrating when you stop
  • A burnt rubber smell, especially after applying the brakes
  • The brake pedal feels “soft” or “spongey”
  • The vehicle pulls to one side when you apply the brakes
  • Unusual, squeaky noises when you brake

If you start to experience any of these symptoms, you will want to schedule your service appointment sooner rather than later. Doing so will prevent more extensive brake damage and keep you stay secure behind the ten and two.

Cox Toyota Burlington NC

Completing Your Brake Replacement

Our lifetime brake replacement offer allows you to purchase brake replacements in advance, so to speak. For a one-time fee, you will have 100% of your brake pad and brake rotor replacements covered, including labor costs. This offer is available on our new and used Toyota inventory.

Once you bring your vehicle in, our technicians will get to work. Once we pinpoint the braking issue, we’ll be able to move forward with your replacement, and then shortly thereafter, have you back behind the wheel.

Cox Toyota Burlington NC

Learn More About Brake Replacement and Our Lifetime Offer Today

Want to learn more about our lifetime brake replacement warranty? Have questions about brake replacement in general? In either case, we’ll be happy to help here at Cox Toyota. Just contact our team.

We’re proud to serve drivers near Greensboro, Burlington, Mebane, Liberty, Julian, Chapel Hill, and Durham, North Carolina, and hope to assist you soon!