Why It’s a Good Idea to Buy a Car in the Fall

By Cox Toyota | Posted in Dealership Information on Friday, December 7th, 2018 at 5:09 pm
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If you’ve reached the point where you need a new car or simply want to upgrade your current vehicle, buying a car during the autumn months holds many benefits versus purchasing at other times of the year.

Continue reading to learn why you should buy a car in the fall.

3 Reasons to Buy a Car in the Fall

Save Some Green

As summer winds down and fall approaches, the new model year vehicles start to arrive on dealership lots. In order to accommodate the new models, space needs to be made. During the fall — and into the end of the year — dealerships will offer discounts, rebates, and other money-saving incentives to sell off last year’s models.

Looking to get a good deal on a truck? Explore inventories in October, which is when the new models roll out. If you don’t mind not having the newest features, buying a reliable pickup in October is a great idea.

Maybe you’d prefer a midsize sedan or compact car. In recent years, car manufacturers and dealerships have jumped on Black Friday deals, allowing you to snag a dependable car at a decent price in November.

Dealerships also have sales numbers to hit every month and year. In order to make these quotas, some dealerships will offer exceptional deals around the end of each time period to deliver the vehicles.

End of the Line

When a manufacturer decides to stop production on a certain model or rebrand it for the next model year, the price on the current model drops significantly. Plus, most models tend to be the most reliable in the final production year. This lets you get a great, dependable vehicle at a budget-friendly price.

Low-Mileage Finds

You may come across cars, trucks, or SUVs that were used as program cars for demonstrations or dealership executives. These vehicles could have a few hundred to a few thousand miles on them, making them a bargain. Additionally, these low-mileage vehicles will still have the bulk of the factory warranty remaining to provide you with peace of mind down the road.

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