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Leasing vs Buying a Toyota

When you’re looking to get behind the wheel of a Toyota, you’ve got options. At Cox Toyota, we’ve taken time to write a thorough overview of the differences between leasing vs. buying a Toyota. Here, we’ll cover our finance center and the core differences between the two options.

We look forward to our customers in and around Burlington, Greensboro, and Durham, NC, learning more about the different ways to move forward.

The Financial Center

When you’ve reached the point when you’re ready to take home your dream Toyota, its time to talk financing. When you visit with our team of financial professionals, they’ll go over your unique circumstances in order to work up a payment plan that fits your needs. Whether that means entering into a lease or securing an auto loan, you’ll make that decision by working one on one with them.

While this step can be a lot to consider, especially for first time customers, our team has provided a helpful suite of online tools to prepare you for it. They are:

  • Credit Application: This is the tool you want to use at the earliest opportunity. By entering information about you and your lifestyle, our team can help get you pre-approved for credit that much more faster. Our long history with a wide range of financial institutions helps us provide financing for all credit levels.
  • Value Your Trade: Using this tool will give you the market value of your desired trade-in vehicle. You just have to fill out some information about it, including condition, mileage, features, etc. Then, we’ll give you an offer that’s good for several days afterward. However, you can also bring it to our dealership where we will inspect it ourselves and give you an offer on the spot.
  • Payment Calculator: After inputting basic info, like vehicle price, interest rate, down payment, and trade-in value, it will return to you an estimated monthly payment. You can use this to plan your budget.

The Benefits of Leasing

Leasing comes with the immense benefit of non-ownership. Many drivers cite this as a major reason to lease. Not being held responsible for lifetime ownership can be extremely liberating. Knowing that you’re only responsible for minimum upkeep is great. This is especially terrific as a lease tends to have a life span of only two to three years, meaning you can move from vehicle to vehicle with ease.

Having a short lifespan means you can get behind the wheel of new Toyota vehicles just hitting the market. If you’re interested in cutting-edge technology or hardware upgrades and redesigns, then this is a true benefit. As we mentioned before, you can slip from one lease to another easily, and this is a case where that shines.

The Benefits of Buying

Buying your Toyota vehicle is advantageous for many reasons. A major one is that it is completely yours to drive and enjoy. This means everything from personalized customization to installing upgrades is yours to do. You’ll also be able to travel anywhere you desire, as you won’t be limited by mileage allotments.

Another benefit is that, in the case of a new Toyota model, you’ll be the first owner. If you want to turn your vehicle into an investment for later sales, then being the sole owner makes it that much more attractive to potential buyers as well as a trade-in.


Schedule Your Test Drive Today!

Now that our customers in and around Burlington, Greensboro, and Durham, North Carolina, know more about the differences between buying and leasing a Toyota vehicle, it’s time to act. Make sure you schedule your Toyota test drive today with us at Cox Toyota!