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Vehicles need quality parts in order to reach optimum functionality. And this includes service fluids. Without fresh, first-rate fluids, your Toyota can suffer from serious – and expensive – damage.

At Cox Toyota, our trained technicians know the importance of regularly checking and replacing these fluids, and they can help keep your new or used Toyota in pristine condition.

When You Should Check and Replace Your Toyota Service Fluids

Engine Oil

Check your engine oil once a month. Read up on the signs that your oil needs to be changed.

Transmission Fluid

Check the transmission fluid once a month. If the fluid is brown or smells burnt, it’s time to have it replaced.


Remove the radiator cap and check your Toyota’s coolant twice a year. Coolant usually needs to be replaced every two to three years.

Brake Fluid

Have the quality of the fluid checked at oil changes. The brake fluid reservoir is located on the driver’s side of the car, and should be a golden color. Brake fluid usually needs to be replaced every two years.

Power Steering Fluid

Check the power steering fluid once a month, or if the steering wheel makes strange noises or is not as responsive as usual. It rarely needs to be replaced.

Schedule Your Service Fluids Replacement At Cox Toyota in Burlington, NC

Professional technicians are waiting to assist you with your service fluids replacement needs at Cox Toyota’s service center in Burlington, North Carolina. Schedule your appointment online now, or give us a call at (336) 792-3527. You can reach our parts department at (336) 792-3526.